About Water Damage Restore Of Ankeny

When dealing with a water damage problem in your home, you will need an expert to stop the issue and prevent it from happening again in the future. Water Damage Restore is the friend in Ankery, Iowa. After offering restoration services to residents of Saylorville, Iowa and nearby areas, Water Damage Restoration has a team of experts who can handle any water damage issue. Experience plays a vital role in guaranteeing high-quality results and being professional. We know what you want, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all your requirements when you hire us.

About the Company

We’re a professional company that’s aimed at being the best and leading the others in offering dependable, professional services. Therefore, all our technicians are trained, skilled and experienced in providing professional services in various fields. If you have a mold removal problem, we have a group of professionals who deal with that, and the same holds for fire damage, water damage and flood damage among other solutions. Specializing in one field has helped us build a team of professionals in every area with vast skills and knowledge to provide reliable services. Finally, our technicians are trained and certified by IICRC. Therefore, they have met all the minimum requirements needed to provide professional services.

Owner John Wood

Professionally Trained Technicians

Kevin Lead Technician
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JohnField Supervisor
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ChadWater Damage Technician
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LoriCustomer Support
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Whenever you have a water damage problem, hire professionally trained technicians to get reliable services. Water Damage Restore professionals take normal courses in water damage, mold removal, fire damage, and mitigation loss control to increase their knowledge and skills. The experts are trained and certified by IICRC, have the proper equipment and have vast experience in water damage restoration. With such understanding, our specialists understand all local, federal and state regulations. They also know the IICRC guidelines and processes to follow in water mitigation. You don’t need to peg your hopes on inexperienced personnel to restore your water problems whereas Water Damage Restore of Ankeny has professionally trained technicians.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the best company in Ankery, Iowa and the US in offering restoration services. We try to achieve this by keeping a good relationship with our customers, being professional and working hard constantly. We’ve recognized a part of our mission because we’re the leading water damage restoration company in Saylorville, Iowa and for decades we have proved to be the best company as a result of our high ratings and testimonials from the residents of Saylorville, Iowa. To help us achieve our mission, our professionals wish to assist you with your water damage issue. Ergo, if you reside in Saylorville, Des Moines, Norwalk, Pleasant Hill or surrounding areas, give us a call through (515) 420-0411. We are a professional water damage company that you can depend on, and we are eager to serve you.